In your run of the mill scavenger hunt, the adventure is predictable and the strategy is straightforward. "You go find this, I'll find this, meet back here in an hour." We said to ourselves, that's not team building, it's just downright boring.



Step One

So we thought, "What if the items to be found had to be plucked from one's imagination and not just the surrounding environment?" (picture of brain) Wow, did that ever change the game. Now teams can truly learn how to formulate an idea and, more importantly, learn how to execute it as well. It's amazing to watch. Teams will stand in a tight circle, thinking, laughing, exchanging ideas and hatching marvelous solutions to our baffling challenges. Whether your team is forming "conjoined" Siamese twins or finding someone that can perform the stupidest human trick, everyone involved loses their fear of suggesting new ideas in an entertaining way.

Although we love to throw around our formidable abilities with technology, we don’t include cool equipment for equipment’s sake. Many of our Urban Adventures include GPS satellite Receivers. They help guide teams to incredible findings and challenges in a fun way. We can also include wireless web technology in our programs. Teams rummaging around some dark alley in Chinatown may stumble upon a strange little man who will point you towards a mysterious kiosk. The kiosk houses a wireless web enabled computer. Adventurers must garner information from the web to continue on their quest. Armed with Polaroid Cameras, teams are asked to "tread lightly" and not remove items from their locale. To make the adventure memorable, all of our Scaventures have a sense of place, incorporating the most special elements of a given location. It's like a wacky guided tour given by Gallagher or Bugs Bunny!

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